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Monday, January 24, 2011

More Arrivals...

We made it!  Exhausted, dirty, needing sleep, etc but we made it!  Pretty excited but likely going to be an early night as we are all fading VERY fast.  Have met up with Swanzie and Lillian from MUSCCO - they picked us up, showed us around a bit, helped us exchange some US Cash for Kwacha's, etc.

Scott Kennedy - Malawi

Well after several days of intense training and two very long flights and some turbulence like I have never experienced before, I made it to Accra. We landed last night at 9:00. When we stepped off the plane you walked into a wall of heat and humidity. We really couldn't see much as it was dark so we are looking forward to doing some exploring tomorrow. Until then, good night from Africa.
Lennie Hampton - Ghana

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