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Friday, January 28, 2011

One Happy Family - Lennie Hampton - Ghana

We finised meeting with the staff of our first Credit Union (Tek University Credit Union) today, as their Board was not able to meet with us until 3:00 we took sometime to visit one of the local community schools.  The childern were so thrilled to see us that their teachers where almost unable to keep them in their seats. Emmanuel our Credit Union driver also took us to see his community and his home. It was wonderful to experience both. We then meet with the Board of Directors and Management at theCredit Union and provided them with our report. They were very happy with the report and the suggestions and recommendations that we made. Once we finished presenting the report the Board and Management presented myself and Kristin with traditional Africian dresses and head covers they are beautiful. We put the dresses on and had pictures taken with the Board and Management.

Lennie and Kristen with Tek University Credit Union staff
Here in Ghana they have what they call Credit Union cloth that they make skirts and shirts and pants out of and one of the messages on the cloth is "one happy family" today this was very apparent as even though we live on the other side of the world today we stood together with other Credit Union employees and shared ideas and had our pictures taken.

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